Pictures fromThursday's qualifier that include: Team VolleyChick's Cinta Preston/Beth VanFleet, Patti Cook/Elsa Binder, Joy Akin/Makalani Hovey, Dana Shilling/Alicia Zamparelli, Monique Frey/Jennifer Leone,Chara Harris/Tara Kuk

If any of the name captions are wrong, feel free to email me to correct @ - please include the picture number and player name - thanks!

avpcincythurs050_small.jpg avpcincythurs051_small.jpg avpcincythurs052_small.jpg avpcincythurs053_small.jpg
avpcincythurs054_small.jpg avpcincythurs055_small.jpg avpcincythurs056_small.jpg avpcincythurs057_small.jpg
avpcincythurs058_small.jpg avpcincythurs059_small.jpg avpcincythurs060_small.jpg avpcincythurs061_small.jpg
avpcincythurs062_small.jpg avpcincythurs064_small.jpg avpcincythurs065_small.jpg avpcincythurs066_small.jpg
avpcincythurs067_small.jpg avpcincythurs068_small.jpg avpcincythurs069_small.jpg avpcincythurs070_small.jpg
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If you'd like a copy of any of the pictures just email us the photo number and we'll send it to you.