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Team VolleyChick

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Janelle Allen
Paige Jensen
Angie Hall
Tara Kuk
Suzana Manole
Kim McGiven
Angela McHenry
Lauren Mills
Alicia Polzin
Lisa Rutledge
Saralyn Smith
Jennifer Snyder
Beth Van Fleet
Cinta Wachman
Kim Whitney


Lisa Ekmekjian
Dee Ekmekjian
Renu Gurnani
Rachel Johnston
Sharon Maldonado
Angie Smith

Player Blogs

Paige's Blog
Lauren's Corner
Saralyn's Volley Ventures

Team VolleyChick
2010 Calendar
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Team VolleyChick 2010 Calendar

Featuring photography by Di Pearson of VolleyChick, John Geldermann and Patrick Mann of and Gary and Melissa Carvell of Carvell Photography.

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Team VolleyChick 2010

VolleyChick Beach Volleyball Clinics

VolleyChick Clinics Train with AVP Pros at the Paws courts in Mt. Laurel NJ.

Team VolleyChick will host beach volleyball clinics on June 21st and June 23rd from 6pm to 8pm.

Join us for a 2 hour clinic that will help you perfect that cut shot, increase your hitting power, pinpoint your serve and nail your passes!

The clinic will focus on footwork, ball control and basic doubles strategy through drills and live play. All ages welcome - each session will cost $25 per person.

Team VolleyChick is thrilled to be in New Jersey and looking forward to meeting the local volleyball community!

If you are interested please email to reserve a spot or for any questions you may have.

Team VolleyChick digs Philly's Best radio station 93.3 WMMR

VolleyChick WMMR 93.3 Marquee Madness

MARQUEE MADNESS!!!Philadlephia radio 93.3 WMMR has a feature they call Marquee Madness where people add WMMR to their business advertisements. Here at VolleyChick our team bikini's serve as our "billboards" so we decided to make one and send a picture to the radio station. While we were at it, we shot some silly videos, added music from our friends at Beyond Dishonor and threw a video together - enjoy!

Love was in the air during the off season, congrats to our new brides!

Janelle and Billy, Kim and Mark, Paige and Dane