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Team VolleyChick
2010 Calendar
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Team VolleyChick 2010 Calendar

Featuring photography by Di Pearson of VolleyChick, John Geldermann and Patrick Mann of, Gary and Melissa Carvell of Carvell Photography and Veckio Photography.

Team VolleyChick

Janelle Allen
Paige Jensen
Angie Hall
Tara Kuk
Suzana Manole
Kim McGiven
Angela McHenry
Lauren Mills
Alicia Polzin
Lisa Rutledge
Saralyn Smith
Jennifer Snyder
Beth Van Fleet
Cinta Wachman
Kim Whitney


Lisa Ekmekjian
Dee Ekmekjian
Renu Gurnani
Rachel Johnston
Sharon Maldonado
Angie Smith

Team VolleyChick Fan Page

Alicia Polzin

When I tell my friends about the amount of times that I get asked "the question" they don't believe me. But it is true. Let's say I go to the grocery store, Home Depot, and Bed Bath & Beyond. (Maybe not all of them, I don't know if I will have time.) Anyways the point is I have a 33% chance of "the question" being asked. I can usually answer it before they even breath in to speak. "The question" comes in several different genres but I can quickly answer with this.

1. I am 6'3"
2. No I don't play basketball
3. The weather is fine

With that I have to say, I love volleyball. I have been playing the sport since I was a wee 5'8" and have never stopped. I am looking forward to a new season on the AVP Beach Circuit.

What did you do during the off-season and what are your plans for 2010?

Well not all was hunky-dory in off seasonville. By the end of 2009 my knee was just not doing the right things. By Chicago I was continually swollen and loosing quad strength. I got home and I went to the doctor who looked at my MRI and told I had to have surgery. September 23rd I got it done. I had a torn meniscus on medial and lateral sides and they went in and did a procedure called MicroFracture. Google for the gory details. Woke up in a brace that was thigh to shin and was told I got to walk like a pirate for 6 weeks. Arrrgh. Yes I was a pirate for Halloween. Hey sometimes you just go with what is given to you. The great news is I could not have had a better experience with the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Group and Dr. Tibone. My recovery has been 100% pain free. It is a long process in which some days are better than others. As of February I am jumping and back on the beach. The goal is to get back the inch and a half that I am missing around my atrophied quad so I can be strong again! I go into this season with patience and the realization that I am still on the road to recovery. I am excited to get back to it and look forward to a progressively better year.

Just the facts
NameAlicia Polzin
Height: 6'3"
Hometown:Houston, TX
Resides:Woodland Hills, CA
High School:J Frank Dobie
College:Cal State Long Beach
Years Pro:2001 to present
Partners:A lot of them
Career Stats:Lish's BVBinfo profile
Sponsors:VolleyChick,, RYGY
Facebook:VolleyChick Alicia Polzin

What is your favorite volleyball slang expression? Why? Option!!! Danny Kinda made one of my trademarks a funny video
What event made you decide to pursue Professional Beach Volleyball? Playing in a co-ed YMCA league and one of the guys told me I should go play with some girls he knew on the beach for fun. Played in a couple of CBVA's and the next thing you knew, I had the competitive itch again.
What advice would you give to the girls preparing to start playing college sand volleyball? Train hard, study harder, and don't forget to have fun.

Sports hero: Zach Barnes
Board game: Classic: Monopoly. Of course I married into the Midwest love of card games so Pitch and Euchre trump a board game any day!
Amusement Park Ride: Tea Cups, spin me faster!
Candy or junk food: Junk Food
Colors: Purple and Black
Movie Character: Muriel form Muriel's Wedding.
Top Three
Beaches you've been to: 1. Aruba
2. Ixtapa, Mex
3. South Mission, San Diego, CA
Things on your bucket list: 1. Try Stand Up Comedy
2. Get back to Europe
3. Learn a musical instrument
Pet peeves: 1. Line Cutting
2. Close Talkers
3. inability to read peoples minds
Things in your purse: 1. A jeweled gadget that holds your purse at the restaurant table
2. A 3x5 notebook to write lists, books, things to do in
3. Chapstick
Seven Silly Questions
1. What is something you're passionate about outside of volleyball? Sewing
2. What talent do you wish you'd been born with? Break Dancing
3. What are your words to live by? I triple dog dare you.
4. What was your favorite Halloween costume and why? This is almost impossible to answer. How about 6th grade spider monster.
5. What's the ringtone on your phone? Do you have an Iphone? Yes I have an Iphone. If my husband calls it is Everybody Dance Now, if Family calls it is Speed Racer theme, and if you call it is the WooHoo song by the 5, 6,7 8's.
6. When was the last time you went someplace you had never been before? Where did you go? Muskegon, Michagan. August 2009. The worst weather EVER.
7. How did you first get involved with VolleyChick? I charmed the owner at the Cinci tournament!

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