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Alicia Polzin

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Born and raised in Houston, TX came out to California on a volleyball scholarship to Long Beach State. I think my parents knew right away that I would not return. Played at Long Beach 89-92 then joined the Indoor USA National Team from 93-95. Received a Silver Medal at both the Pan American Games and The Goodwill Games. Went on to play three years indoor in Europe. Came home with the thought of getting a "regular" job. Was playing at the YMCA in a co-ed league where I met some people that introduced me to some gals that played on the beach. The next thing you know I am playing in the CBVAs on the weekends and joined the AVP tour. The first year on the AVP there were 6 stops and I qualified for the main draw in the last one in Chicago. Sharman Mitchell and I got our first 13th. I haven't stopped since. In the winter of 2006 my husband took a new job opportunity in the Los Angeles area and I decided to play full time for a while. Although the 2007 season had some rough bumps with 6 partners over 16 tournaments, I also had my career high of a 3rd place with Barb Fontana in Chicago. ( I love Chicago) I look forward to the 2008 season with renewed spirit and desire to be a top 8 team.

Just the facts
NameAlicia Polzin
Height: 6'3"
Hometown:Houston, TX
Resides:Tarzana, CA
College:Cal State Long Beach
Years Pro:Since intro of AVP in 2001
Partners:Please see 12 page document attached : )
Career Stats:Lish's BVBinfo profile

Life:My Husband and Family who think I am great no matter what
Volleyball:Knowing that anyone can do it at anytime

AVP event 2007:Chicago
Vacation:Somewhere tropical
Car:VW Passat

Top Fives
Movies:Underworld, Muriel's Wedding, Dead Poet's Society, Anchorman
TV:Heroes, America's Next Top Model, Planet Earth, Myth Busters
CD's:How about an Ipod and a lot of downloads
Books:Anything fantasy, love Stephen King Gunslinger Series

Seven Silly Questions
1. If you could have one super power, what would it be?Ability to speak any language once it was spoken to me.
2. If you were stuck on a deserted island, what is the one thing you would want? One of those picturesque waterfall lagoon things to swim in and possibly and vast supply of paperbacks to read
3. What is your guilty pleasure? Ice Cold Micro Brew Beer
4. Who is your hero? My Family
5. What frightens you? Mortality
6. If you could meet anyone, who would it be? I think I would travel back in time and be a Mozart groupie and maybe take harpsichord lessons
7. If you didn't play volleyball, what would you do? Go back to school, I think my education expired. I have been playing since college on and off both indoor and outdoor professionally.

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